Election 2064 gets a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite!

I'm proud to announce that Election 2064: Book One received a 5-star review (that's out of 5!) from the influential review and awards site Readers' Favorite.  Full text below.

"Election 2064 by Scott McDermott is a fascinating look into the future of American politics. This book follows several characters as they navigate a political landscape that, though rather grim, isn’t vastly different from today’s. It certainly is a lot more treacherous, however. From noble politicians with lofty ideas for fixing a broken country, to super-rich sponsors with their own agendas in mind, Election 2064 follows them all for a full and unbridled perspective. The political minefield includes terrorist attacks, assassination attempts, and well timed entries into the presidential race. In this installment (book 1) no one person emerges as the front runner; rather we are told the story from the beginning of each presidential race. 

"With exciting plot twists and a story that weaves together effortlessly, Election 2064 shows us, with a frightening parallel to current reality, just how things could go in a divided nation. It is quite interesting, definitely not another political bore. It is action packed and certainly well written. The personalities are vivid, the stories exciting, compelling and steeped in reality. This was an easy and enjoyable read. I especially liked the vivid descriptions of the day's technology. They helped to cement the era in my mind and create a realistic view of the world in fifty or so years down the road. It does end with a bit of a cliff hanger so reading book two is a definite must. However, I certainly did not feel short changed by the story. It was complete enough to stand alone and was a delightful read. I look forward to the release of book two in the series." 

- Reviewed By Joana James for Readers’ Favorite

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