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BOOK TWO IS FINALLY HERE "Acton Granger lives on, in all of us. He has to." - Elijah Schroeder, 55th President of the United States.  America, as she so often finds herself, is at a crossroads. Once the election season begins in earnest, a daily battle is waged for control of her future. An ambitious senator channels a mysterious inner voice to embody the resentment of his followers, rising to increasing prominence. A gifted artist reunites with a figure from his past to discover the Second Civil War’s most explosive secret. A wealthy technologist gains national attention with his genius, but must decide who and what he stands for. A dedicated policy analyst reluctantly embraces the spotlight to shepherd the drafting of a new Constitution. An unconventional governor and her campaign-staff daughters strive to pull a reluctant base into the modern age. And a conflicted president tries to move the country past divisions he can't escape himself, while questio