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It's a giveaway!

From now until May 20th, you can win one of two free copies of Election 2064: Book One.  There's no purchase necessary, all you have to do is follow me on Amazon - where you'll get updates on new releases and other events!   Thanks and good luck - winners will be notified once the contest is complete. Click this link to enter

Election 2064 gets a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite!

I'm proud to announce that Election 2064: Book One received a 5-star review (that's out of 5!) from the influential review and awards site Readers' Favorite .  Full text below. "Election 2064 by Scott McDermott is a fascinating look into the future of American politics. This book follows several characters as they navigate a political landscape that, though rather grim, isn’t vastly different from today’s. It certainly is a lot more treacherous, however. From noble politicians with lofty ideas for fixing a broken country, to super-rich sponsors with their own agendas in mind, Election 2064 follows them all for a full and unbridled perspective. The political minefield includes terrorist attacks, assassination attempts, and well timed entries into the presidential race. In this installment (book 1) no one person emerges as the front runner; rather we are told the story from the beginning of each presidential race.  "With exciting plot twists and a story that we

The Marmodon's Den - a slightly tall tale, part 3 (final chapter)

A few months ago, a group of friends chartered a sailboat for a 10-day jaunt around the Caribbean - including Guadeloupe, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Antigua.  This is the final chapter in our harrowing adventures. ( Click here for part 1 ) T he Aves set sail at the break of dawn. Along the peninsulas that framed English Harbour, Antigua's citizenry had flocked to wish us well. Weathered captains looked to us with quiet hope. Native islanders appealed for blessings from the gods. Maidens waved kerchiefs in the breeze. Free from shore, the water adopted an eerie calm, a blue mirror stretching across the horizon. No signs of life were visible - we'd been left alone on this passage, by human and marine life alike. Left alone, to face the beast. But as we sailed, the beast would not come. We navigated our vessel southward to Guadeloupe, making good speed despite the light winds. It was as if something was drawing us forward. We reached Guadeloupe, still skipping across a